At LA Networx we understand that networks are constantly changing and this technological evolution requires that networks constantly adapt. Our integration services keep you competitive with an ever-changing environment. LA Networx integrations ensure your hardware performs consistently at its potential in order to serve your business needs for today and well into the future. Rollover each element in the life cycle graphic below for a brief description.

Our Network Lifecycle assessment design integration maintenance monitoring

Our network life cycle approach (see illustration above) insures a stable network enviroment to grow your business. Whether initially designing a network or re-architecting an existing network LA Networx creates the architecture for your organization's network with security and performance in-mind. At LA Networx we assist your organization in maximizing the return on all network investments by assessing in the initial architecture design or by providing recommendations and remediation assistance in correcting existing architecture design flaws.


An assessment is first service LA Networx provides; it serves as a general check-up and supplements all Future implementations. Assessments identify weak spots in your current network and help our analysts identify the best solutions to custom fit your needs. It is an objective view of a network’s dynamics to the current media standard and the specific demands of the client.

Network assessments measure and analyze the performance. Network devices such as switches and routers are checked for capacity issues related to CPU, memory, buffer management, link/media utilization and throughput. Bandwidth usage of applications such as web, e-mail, voice, FTP, and Telnet are also checked.

An assessment report helps to develop a detailed understanding of current network capabilities by providing a review of existing network infrastructure and issues, and showing analysis based on test results. It details recommendations for remediation or implementation, and produces statistical reports and network diagrams.


Selecting the proper network topology to fit your business need is our specialty. Critical security decisions along with the proper network structure are paramount to the network design phase. At LA Networx we help our clients understand their network requirements and join with them to develop the most optimum network to support their business needs.


LA Networx firmly believes in the power of technology to solve business challenges in order to meet demanding business objectives. Technology alone is not the solution, a project success demands expertise and experience in systems integration. LA Networx is a leading provider of integrated engineering solutions for upgrading and expanding business networks. Our infrastructure solutions improve security; consolidate and optimize IT resources; and improve the clients’ business productivity. This is done with high availability and high performance networks along with our commitment to serve the client’s business.


Good service is a language that everyone understands and at LA Networx we take pride in serving our customers in a way that exemplifies excellence. These services include bringing your systems back to an operational state, which is not always about the hardware. Skill and expertise are served to resolve complex combinations of hardware and operating systems in order to restore the business function in a timely manner. Let us build a maintenance plan that serves your particular business needs today.


In these dynamic times, businesses must protect their information investments. The communications services that they offer to internal and external business relations are a vital life link to the business wellbeing. LA Networx leverages leading edge technologies and services to provide a customized level of monitoring to support our clients. These effective network monitoring solutions that can identify and troubleshoot network issues, ideally before they become noticeable by users. They can include real-time performance metrics for routers, switches, servers, and other SNMP-enabled devices and are highly intuitive, customizable with web interfaces that deliver the most important views of your global network.