Founded in 2003, LA Networx is owned and operated by Clyde Dardar. He has over twenty-nine years of experience in the telecommunications industry. He worked nine years for DuPont supporting a user base of 165,000 and sites in 63 countries. During the 2 years with Computer Sciences Corporation, Clyde worked as a consultant with clients in 50 countries all over the world. Recently LA Networx provided engineering design and integration support for the Cisco 21S Projects in Louisiana.

As a multifaceted Certified Cisco Engineer, Clyde Dardar was the Lead Consultant and Engineer on the Lafayette Utilities System Metropolitan Area Network Project. It consisted of two years of consulting and engineering to form and build a CLEC/ISP/CAP with interconnection agreements with major carriers for several co-locations sites around the Lafayette area. The network provides traditional SONET TDM services and advanced POS Ethernet services to a growing customer base in the Lafayette area.

He has also provided Cisco 15454 optical consulting, design and implementation support for several large-scale optical deployments in the southeast region and in Boston Massachusetts. This included Large-scale service provider and enterprise deployments for ATT Wireless/Sun Com, which included ATM, VOIP, IP/TV, optical, and wireless technologies and implemented the first VOIP Signal Switching Point in the southeast.

He has designed and implemented an all-optical DSL backbone for several service providers in the southeast. These systems are currently providing IP video and data over DSL with pay per view capabilities. As the lead consultant for the second FTTH implementation in the state of Louisiana, Clyde provided design and implementation support for a production FTTH that now supports a fast growing 10,000 residential user base that includes voice, video and data services.

Clyde has designed and implemented several SSL offload and content distribution networks for large educational networks including the SAP implementation at LSU. He has provided optical consulting and engineering services in the state of Louisiana for the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development and The Louisiana Office of Telecommunications Management along with several service providers in the southeast region.